Private Label

Many of our confectionery bars are available, labelled to suit your needs, be it a seaside view, countryside or merely your own logo. With orders accepted for as few as 10 outers, this is ideal for the enterprising retailer.


Innovation is the key….
With our experience and expertise in manufacturing, packing and sourcing we can often help our clients with their ideas, taking an initial concept through to finished product.

Own manufacture….
· For a minimum order of 10 outers we can personalize any bars within our standard product range. Great for the enterprising small retailer!
· For those who are looking for something different and unique, we can help to develop and create product to suit their needs, with small batch quantities of approx. 100kgs being the norm.

Own packing department….
In addition to our own factory, we also have a packing department highly suited to both hand and machine packing. Here, manufactured or sourced product can be packed all under one roof. We are capable of packing any confectionery product from a simple 20g plain film bag of one product through to a complex multi-fill. We can even help with packaging concepts. We have, over the years, forged strong partnerships with packaging design and print companies who are highly experienced in the confectionery market.
Minimum order quantities vary, dependant on the complexity of the pack and the packaging, but can be achieved for as little as 500 units.

Sourcing finished product….
As the company name of Bysel suggests, we have been buying and selling sugar confectionery for over 65 years sourcing from around the globe. With this experience comes knowledge, and with the understanding of many factories production capabilities, this can in turn help clients find the products they require. Sugar confectionery is our key strength, test us, you may be pleasantly surprised…..

To manufacture products to customers requirements we initially discuss the idea with the client and draw up their requirements. This is followed by initial samples for approval along with minimum order quantities and pricing. Dependent on the complexity of the product and the packaging, manufacturing can take place within 10 days of approval.


These factory made products were developed for 3 different sectors of the market, the Rocky Road Fudge slab for a major high street retailer, the coconut Ice cubes for a wedding favour company and the nougat for a large departmental store. All were developed in conjunction with the client to their specifications. Typically, the time scale for these developments is approximately 8 weeks. Private label nougat bars can be ‘turned around’ in 10 days.

The brief in all cases was to source all the packaging and the confectionery. The acrylic toys and tinware were sourced from the Far East, the fills are all of EU origin. The development timescale on these is typically 4 months due to the lead times on the packaging. For the retro sweet jar, the timescale given from start to finish was 4 weeks – and this was achieved!

With our wealth of knowledge, we are able to source finished products to customers specification. Our sourcing is global and therefore timescales from conception to delivery will vary. Typically, a product designed and sourced within the EU will take 8 weeks with product from elsewhere taking 3 months.

Simple formats such as these plain film bags can be easily achieved and are suitable for give-away or for co-packing into a gift. We can fill from 20g through to 350g. These are just a few of the varieties available, please contact us for more details.

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